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Professional Endorsements

"It is with great confidence that I recommend Dr. Wood-Barcalow. She is extremely bright, engaging and thoughtful in her work with clients. She has a great knowledge base and expertise and is a warm presence to clients in a time of need." 
-Dr. Nicci Santana, Dr. Nicci Counseling, Winter Garden, Florida

"Dr. Wood-Barcalow is one of the best therapists I have ever worked with.  She is calm, measured, and extremely effective in achieving outcomes.  She consistently practices within evidenced based treatment and will work towards getting the results her patients and family are striving for. "

- Dr. Griffin Stout, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Nationwide Children's Hospital

"Dr. Wood-Barcalow is a leading clinician and researcher in the fields of clinical and counseling psychology. She specializes in clinical treatment of a wide variety of concerns and disorders, and her expertise in improving body image and eating disorders is unmatched. She not only can help move clients from disliking their bodies to a more neutral relationship with their bodies, but can also move them to a place where they respect, care for, and appreciate their bodies. She is an author of the leading assessment of positive body image, the Body Appreciation Scale, and has conducted the foundational study of positive body image that helped researchers understand its components and how it can be improved. She is the leading author of the Positive Body Image Workbook: A Clinical and Self-Improvement Guide, which is a novel and valuable resource for clinicians, clients, and readers who wish to improve their body image independent of therapy." 
-Dr. Tracy Tylka, Professor of Psychology at OSU, Editor-in-Chief Body Image: An International Journal of Research


"Nichole has served as a mentor and role model to me since our time together at The Center for Balanced Living several years ago.  Although our professional paths took us in different directions, she has continued to serve as a professional mentor, providing me with guidance and advice toward my own professional goals.  She is an eating disorder and body image expert and I consider it a privilege to have her as a colleague and mentor." 
-Samantha Tortora, Chair Eating Disorder Treatment Team, Counseling Intern Coordinator and Senior Staff Therapist at OSU Counseling and Consultation Services

"Without exaggeration, I feel privileged to know Nichole. I still remember the sunny day in summer 2012 when as I psychologist in training I started my practicum year at the Laureate Eating Disorders Program for adolescent girls where Nichole was my supervisor. Since that time, Nichole has been my mentor, and later a colleague, and a dear friend, who continues to play an important role in my personal and professional development. If I need professional advice, I know that I can trust Nichole’s opinion 100%. I highly value her exceptional expertise in the field of prevention and treatment of eating disorders as well as incredible therapeutic skills. Nichole’s deep knowledge about positive body image and healthy eating behaviors as evidenced by her multiple research articles inspired me to focus on body appreciation and intuitive eating in my doctoral dissertation. Working with her clients, she has a rare quality to combine a genuinely compassionate, supportive, and optimistic attitude with a dynamic, thorough, patient, reliable, result-oriented, yet flexible approach. I have personally observed how knowledgeable and effective she is dealing even with the toughest cases. Importantly, Nichole uses highly reliable research-based strategies to help her clients reach their potential and live the life worth living. Overall, I am in awe of Nichole’s ability to inspire and to bring out the best in people including her supervisees, colleagues, and clients. I am confident that any person would be lucky to have Nichole in their life." 
-Maria Aleksandrova-Howell, PhD, Psychologist specializing in eating disorders


"Nichole’s passion, expertise, and dedication to her clients and to the ongoing advancement of her clinical skills are absolutely first rate. She is thoughtful and deliberate in selecting which evidence-based treatment meets an individual client’s needs, and she uses practical yet creative interventions and a collaborative approach to assist them in achieving their goals. Behind the scenes of clinical work, Nichole is an enthusiastic yet humble learner; though her professional accolades are many, she consistently brings curiosity and openness into every interaction and then shares her knowledge generously as a supervisor and professional collaborator. She is my go-to resource for the latest developments in positive body image research and interventions, and her skill in treating eating disorders in all formats and across developmental ranges - from individual to family to group therapy, and with adolescent clients up to senior citizens - is impressive, effective, and inspiring. Any client seeing her will be in exceptionally gifted hands, and any professional learning from her will walk away with a greater depth and breadth of knowledge and insight into eating disorder work." 

-Jenny Beck, LPCC-S

"Dr. Wood-Barcalow is a psychologist of the highest caliber with the expertise to effectively help her clients with various life challenges. She is a warm, caring individual with the ability to connect with and care for diverse individuals and families. In particular, I would like to highlight her knowledge and skill in helping those with eating disorders and body image concerns. I have known Dr. Wood-Barcalow for over fifteen years and worked alongside her in several settings, and this is an area of practice where she especially shines. She is in constant contact with the research literature and is regarded as an expert for how she integrates research into clinical practice. She is extremely dedicated and resourceful, offering the best practices that exist at this time. For this reason and many others, I cannot endorse Dr. Wood-Barcalow more strongly for therapy, supervision, and/or consultation. "

-Dr. Casey Judge, Staff Psychologist, Department of Veteran's Affairs

"Nichole’s work is impressive in her genuine understanding and respect for individuals and families, ability to bond with them, and to provide meaningful feedback and interventions. Her clients admire and respect her, and they highly benefit from their work together. Nichole’s knowledge of eating disorders and family work is extraordinary, her research and writing impactful, and her professional ethics exemplary. My own clinical and professional work improved as a result of working alongside, and being mentored, by Nichole. She tops my list of referrals. You will not find a more genuine, knowledgeable, well-equipped clinician."
Kate S. Adkins, PhD IMFT-S LPCC-S, Therapist/Owner, Kate Adkins Therapy, Ltd.

"I have known Dr. Wood-Barcalow for over 5 years.  She is truly a professional that cares for her clients and will go beyond to individualize treatment care to each person.  She treats her clients with compassion, respect, and empathy while still holding them accountable and pushing them toward recovery.  Dr. Wood-Barcalow radiates a positive and nurturing work environment. I was fortunate to work with Dr. Wood-Barcalow in an administrative capacity. I always felt that she cared for my team and worked hard to ensure they were treated with respect and dignity.  I can say with full certainty, Dr. Wood-Barcalow would be my first choice in psychologists for any family or friend referrals."

-Chris Knueppel

"Nichole Wood-Barcalow is a pivotal leader in the field of eating disorder/body image assessment and treatment. Her personality and compassionate demeanor makes for a warm therapeutic environment, while talking about extremely difficult issues. Her talent is unmatched in mentorship and support of newer individuals to the field. Any client would find a safe space to work on the challenges of an eating disorder in her presence."

-Amy Avery Weese, Mdiv, MA, LPCC-S, EMDR, Amy Avery Counseling Solutions

"Nichole is a brilliant, warm, and experienced clinician. This allows for her clients to not only experience a safe place with her, but to receive exceptional clinical care as well. As a former supervisee of Nichole's, I can speak to her breadth of knowledge across many areas in the field, namely positive body image and the treatment of eating disorders. Nichole is an outstanding psychologist, supportive colleague, and leading researcher."

-Lindsey Petersen, LPCC

"I have known Dr. Wood-Barcalow for over 15 years. During that time we worked together developing an eating disorder program for childhood obesity, shared eating disorder research and clinical cases, and provided educational programs for eating disorders. When I was the CEO of The Center for Balanced Living, Nichole was the Director of Outpatient Services where she developed programming and provided clinical care for clients with all forms of eating disorders and other psychiatric diagnoses. Dr. Wood-Barcalow is a highly trained and experienced therapist, organized and efficient. She works to help clients move forward toward client-identified goals. She has balanced her clinical work by staying current in research and writing, contributing to the global field of eating disorders. She is a therapist you can trust and know you are receving quality and evidence-based treatment!"

- Dr. Laura Hill, Psychologist, International Eating Disorder Consultant

"Dr. Nichole Wood-Barcalow is an outstanding psychologist. I have had the privilege of being her colleague in two different practice settings where I have consistently found her to be the most thoughtful, deliberate, well-informed, engaged, and empathetic mental health professional. She is remarkably effective, compassionate and able to help her clients discover the power to face their challenges and grow from that confrontation. I recommend her as a provider with the strongest possible praise and endorsement."

-Jason McCray, PhD, Staff Psychologist, Department of Veteran's Affairs

"I have been honored to get to work alongside Dr. Nichole. She listens intently, asks thoughtful and thorough questions, and helps develop a plan in such a competent and caring manner. She has the great ability to be able to balanced goals for the future with needs of the present, which is so helpful in working toward those goals. "

- Dr. Heather Guthrie, Psychologist, Olentangy Pediatrics

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